Before joining Microsoft I had always a big planner, calendar and paper notebook in my handbag. I could never understand how people can have their all to-dos, planning stuff and things they want to write down just in a digital version. I was a hundred percent paper-type, who wants to write the things with a pencil on a paper down. But believe me – it took only a couple of weeks to convince me how much easier and how much more value you have with the right digital tools.

That´s the reason why I wanted to share my personal experiences and my personal use cases with you. In this blogpost, I want to demonstrate to you how I use OneNote as my digital diary & planner. To give you a concrete example I decided to show you in a video how I use it for my vacation planning. So in my daily life, I really use it for basically organizing everything, from my recent move from Munich to Berlin to my Blog A Modern Woman. I find all my information in OneNote.

But as I wrote, I want to give you one concrete example to demonstrate you the value of such tools. I think vacation planning is something that everybody can benefit from. In my case, we had a two-week family vacation to Thailand to plan. It was a lot to organize because we wanted to do a trip through the whole country with my mum, dad, and sister. The challenge was to consider everybody’s desires and wishes and to make it a perfect trip for every family member.

Watch in my Video how I used OneNote for vacation planning:


  1. Wow, I really love the way you have demonstrated the One Note usage and benefits in your blog video. This is quite impressive to be able to connect and implement the professional life learnings into private one. That reflects your passion for life. More power and love!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback Anchal <3 So happy to hear that you like the idea of demonstrating tools we use in our professional life to use cases in private life. Have a nice day! Alla

  2. Nice explanation of the OneNote tool, which helps us in a great way. Even I use it for all my day to day activities and keep track of it, the layout simply is the best..Look forward to seeing many more of these Alla.


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