When the idea to create my own blog was born, the first thing I knew from the beginning was, that I want to cooperate with inspirational people, who have a great message to share. My wish is that we learn from each other and empower others. So Alfons was definitly one of the first persons I thought about, when it comes to motivate and inspire others.

I got to know him when I moved to Munich in 2010 for studying. Since then he became my Mentor/Life Coach. Alfons has always great advices for Career, Nutrition and Health Topics. He shares his lessons learned with me and has always super entertaining stories to tell. I´m so impressed with how he handle his life as a public person – still beinig so relaxed and down to earth.

I deciced to do something like an interview with him and producing a video. You got much more from a video, when you hear him personally talking, instead of writing everything down. I´m super sorry for the peeps, who are not speaking German – or in this case Bavarian – but we wanted to keep it super authentic and that´s why I decided to leave it in German. I summerized the questions and his answers to them for you.

I asked Alfons 3 Questions about being successful and happy:

Alla: Alfons, I was always wondering how you can stay so resilient and totally in balance with your body and mind. Being a public person and always in media and television, means a lot of traveling, in contact with a lot of people who always want something from you, and also a lot of stress. How do you hande this? Do you have something like a “secret receipt or Methode” you can share with us?

Alfons: So if I have to answer what is the meaning of success or being successful – success grows by doing every day something you love and where your passion and your talents are. You have to work hard on you – every day! When you think about athletes: they have super-intensive training every day for months/years – just for one competition and a couple of minutes. And the same you have to implement in your life – you have to become better and better every day with what you are doing.

Alla: In today’s world we shaped a new term “Work-Life-Balance”. There is a huge amount of offers, workshops, books, coachings, etc. about it. Everybody in the Business talk about how to balance his/her private and business life. What is your opinion about it?

Alfons: Persistence and practice is the key to stay in balance. Imagine you have to run a 1000 meter run and you don´t practice it – you will not make it well. If you have continuously trained for that, you will not have problems and it will not strain you. The same you have to reflect at your work. You will be much more balanced and not feeling the stress if you continuasly improve your skills. The most important thing is to realize what kind of person you are – which talents you have – and what are you going to do to raise and grow.

Alla: What are your TOP 3 tips for people who wants to be successful?

Alfons: 1. Being persistent and patient 2. Super important and it´s the base for everything, is to be inner self in balance. 3. Not comparing and complaining about others – just do it your way and be better in your way.

You live your life by not taking an elevator, but by taking the stairs and going it step by step – and only then you will know everything on every floor!


  1. Nice blog about success.Love what you do and do what you love, then the results speaks for itself.
    I loved the last point of the 3 points mentioned..Stop comparing, we are who we are and we are defined by our actions.

    Ich wünsche Ihnen einen erfolgreichen Tag, Alla (:)

    • Hey Ganesh, thank you so much for your feedback. Yes I’m the same opinion: especially comparison with others is so bad! We are all unique and have our own talents and strengths. Have a nice day!

    • Hey, thank you so much for your nice words! Im super happy that it was valuable for you. I will now focus much more on my blog and try to publish every week valuable and helpful articles! Much love, Alla

    • Hey, thank you so much for your positive feedback and for your nice words! Sooo happy to hear that you like it! I had a small break, but I will now focus a lot on my blog and publish min once a week a super valuable and entertaining article! Much much Love, Alla


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