Privately and especially professionally, you are confronted on different occasions with different types of people. You have probably noticed that the characteristics of your counterparts appear even more pronounced in a stressful context than usual. While you have no difficulty in communicating with some of the other’s idiosyncrasies, other characteristics are more or less challenging for you personally. These, from your point of view, difficult contact persons are important for you, an optimization of interpersonal communication is necessary.

Together with my former Professor Dr. Nello Gaspardo, I created a book with the title: From Dominant Dogs and Hyperactive Monkeys. Dealing with Different Types of People at Work and Everyday Life. I was responsible for the illustration of the book with all the pictures of the nine known animals that metaphorically represent certain types of human beings.

In this blogpost I want to give you a short overview over the content of this book and in the video we created for you, you will find an interview together with me and Nello about the key insights and demonstration of the nine charakters. You have to check it out:)

This book reading should give you practical tools that you can use in dealing with different types of people and in different situations, with the aim of optimizing the communicative relationship with these essential conversation partners. Because the description of different traits is somewhat abstract, nine known animals that metaphorically represent certain types of human beings, are presented and treated in detail. Indeed images facilitate both the understanding and its impression in the memory. The animal comparison has therefore only metaphorical character, which contributes to the illustration of the facts. You will wonder what kind of animal you are. However, it is even more important to know which animal type or animal types represent the biggest challenges (issues) for you in a given context. In the book, you will find precious and practical tips for optimizing communication and collaboration, especially with demanding people.

Every human is unique! Nevertheless, you will find in your fellow human beings recurring characteristics that you have to deal with at work and in everyday life. Just think of the tough dog from the executive board, the clever fox from the controlling department or the fidgety, but with many ideas sparkling monkeys from the marketing department. The communication and negotiation expert Nello Gaspardo outlines nine of these types of people based on animal pictures (metaphors). He shows their strengths and weaknesses and reveals pointedly what you should know when dealing with these people and how to communicate properly with them. The book is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to achieve goals quickly and harmoniously together with other people at work and in everyday life.

The main goal of this book is to help optimize interpersonal communication. The purpose of the sender and receiver is to improve their communication in teamwork, leadership and negotiational situations:

  • Through targeted observation of non-verbal elements
  • Through active listening
  • Through conscious awareness of the other person’s character traits and
  • Through the application of suitable means of communication respective to the specific corporate context.

Here are the predominant characteristics of animals type at a glance:

Dog! Dominant, impulsive hard driver, shows teeth

Horse! Prudent thinker, accurate, deliberate, factual, cooperative

Monkey! Hyperactive, inpatient, volatile, innovative, fidgety source of ideas

Frog! Talkative, curious, selective listening, sociable        

Lamb! Shy team player, inconspicuous, barely speaking, listens attentively

Hedgehog! Introverted, critical, suspicious, reliable, grumpy performer

Hippo! Phlegmatic, barely listening, passive, lazy, only does what he has to do

Giraffe! Diva-like competence carrier,self-confident, power-obsessed, arrogant, educated

Fox! Clever strategist,smart, listen carefully, eloquently, challenge people

You can purchase this book f.e. on Amazon.


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